Ethics Policy

Our Shared Values

  • Integrity - We conduct our business guided by the highest ethical standards and recognize each individual's responsibility to ensure consistent compliance with our standards and related policies and procedures.
  • Customers - We put the customer first and are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships based on mutual trust, honesty and respect.
  • Employees - We believe in our people and seek to provide ample opportunity for development and growth, open communications and sharing of ideas, and appropriate reward for individual and team achievements.
  • Suppliers - We treat our suppliers fairly and honestly, recognizing they are an integral part of our business.
  • Quality - We are dedicated to providing quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements. We continuously strive to improve product performance and work with our customers to meet the needs of constantly changing markets and technology.
  • Reporting - We strive to provide full, fair, timely, accurate and understandable financial reporting compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Community - We take pride in the communities in which we live and work, and acknowledge our responsibility to ensure safe, healthy and environmentally friendly conditions.

Our Relationship with our Customers

We will always strive to meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, price, and delivery. We will build long-lasting relationships with our customers based on mutual trust, integrity, and honesty. We are sensitive to customer schedules, quality, and cost issues; and recognize the vital importance of supporting their needs while also complying with legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements.

Our Relationship with our Suppliers

We are committed to dealing fairly with our suppliers. We will emphasize fair competition without discrimination or deception in a manner consistent with long lasting relationships. We will purchase all equipment, services, and supplies based on merit. Our suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors will be treated with fairness and integrity.

Our Relationship with the Company and with Each Other

We are committed to treating each other fairly and to maintain employment practices based on equal opportunity for all employees. We will respect each other's privacy and treat each other with dignity and respect. We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and an atmosphere of open communications for all employees.

Our Relationship with our Communities

We have a long-standing commitment to being a good corporate citizen. We will conduct ourselves in a responsible and responsive manner and comply with the laws, regulations, and customs of the communities in which we live and work. We support and encourage employee involvement in community activities and organizations. We respect our environment and will protect our natural resources.