Fuel Systems: Delivering the Perfect Mix

Today’s computer controlled engines require a carefully metered charge of air and fuel for maximum efficiency and power as well as reduced emissions. An air/fuel mix that is either too rich or lean can create a variety of problems, including reduced fuel economy, poor idle, hesitation and/or lack of power, increased emissions and damage to engine and emissions control components.

It is the job of the fuel system to feed this precise air/fuel mix to the engine’s combustion chambers. In older applications, the primary fuel system components are an engine-mounted mechanical fuel pump and carburetor. Today’s engines commonly feature in-tank electric fuel pumps and pressure regulators that feed sophisticated fuel injection systems.

The Wells Advantage

Wells is a globally respected manufacturer of precision-engineered replacement fuel system products for virtually any vehicle make or model. This unsurpassed coverage and availability is combined with the company’s unique focus on solving known design and performance issues encountered with many OE parts. In short, by choosing Wells, you can be certain that every fuel system component is engineered to fit and perform to the level you need and expect.

Your Wells dealer offers a comprehensive package of replacement fuel system products, including:

  • Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Carburetor Repair Kits

Contact your Wells supplier for information on these and other premium-quality fuel system components.