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Wells Vehicle Electronics Launches New Smog Test for the GoTech™ Mobile Diagnostic Tool

November 1, 2016 Read More

Tech Team at Wells Vehicle Electronics Produces Videos for Popular YouTube Channel, Reaches Over 12 Million Views

November 1, 2016 Read More

Wells Vehicle Electronics Adds an Additional 794 Parts to its Extensive Product Lines

October 4, 2016 Read More

GoTech™ Diagnostic Solution from Wells Transforms Smartphones, Tablets into OBDII Scan Tools

April 29, 2016 Read More

Wells Celebrates 30 Years in Centerville

March 1, 2016 Read More

Tech Team at Wells Vehicle Electronics Produces Videos for Popular YouTube Channel, Celebrates 10 Million Views

February 15, 2016 Read More

Wells Manufacturing Officially Adopts Wells Vehicle Electronics Name

August 10, 2015 Read More

Wells Adds More Than 100 Vehicle Electronics New Parts to Cover 65.4 Million Late-Model Vehicles

July 15, 2015 Read More

NGK SPARK PLUG CO. Completes Acquisition of Wells Vehicle Electronics Business

July 1, 2015 Read More

Tonight's 'How It's Made' To Feature Oil Pressure Sensors from Wells Vehicle Electronics

May 23, 2014 Read More

Wells Continues To Expand Late-Model Coverage

Feb. 25, 2014 Read More

Wells Vehicle Electronics Adds 301 Parts Covering 222 Million Vehicles

Dec, 10 2013 Read More

Governor Scott Walker Visits Wells Vehicle Electronics, Celebrates New Facility and Jobs

August 29, 2013 Read More

Wells Introduces More Than 80 New Parts Covering 34.6 Million Late-Model Vehicles

July 23, 2013 Read More

Wells Introduces Virtual Tech Interactive Automotive Trouble Shooting Assistant

January 8, 2013 Read More

Wells Vehicle Electronics Videos Exceed 3 Million YouTube Views

December 3, 2012 Read More

Free New Wells Technical Video Covers Ford Mode 6 No-Code Misfire Diagnosis

October 5, 2012 Read More

New Wells® Knock Sensors Incorporate Better-Than-OE Design For Superior Durability

August 15, 2012 Read More

Better-than-OE ABS Sensors Available Through Wells Vehicle Electronics™

June 18, 2012 Read More

YouTube Views of Wells Technical Videos Double to 2 Million Over Past 10 Months

April 30, 2012 Read More

Wells Vehicle Electronics™ Introduces OE-Function Idle Air Control Valves

April 13, 2012 Read More

New Wells Vehicle Electronics Video Tackles Complex P0171 Challenge

March 5, 2012 Read More

Free New Wells Vehicle Electronics Video Covers Toyota Evap Diagnostics

February 14, 2012 Read More

GM Aftersales Organization Recognizes Wells® for Outstanding On-Time Shipping Performance

December 1, 2011 Read More

New Wells® Diagnostic Video Unlocks Secret to Intermittent Misfires on Dodge Caravan

November 15, 2011 Read More

Wells® Launches Spanish Version of Award-Winning Website

August 16, 2011 Read More

New Wells® TPS Sensors For Dodge Diesel Trucks Eliminate Wear Issues, Reduce Repair Costs

July 20, 2011 Read More

Wells Online Technical Videos Break 1 Million Mark In YouTube Views

June 28, 2011 Read More

New Wells® Non-Contact Throttle Position Sensors Solve Common Wear, Performance Issues

June 14, 2011 Read More

Wells Team Tackles Jeep No-Crank Issue in Latest Free Diagnostic Video

June 1, 2011 Read More

Wells Adds Nearly 400 New Parts for Millions of Foreign-Nameplate, Domestic Applications

April 24, 2011  Read More

Nissan Driveability Case Study and More Covered in Free New Wells 'CounterPoint' Newsletter

 March 9, 2011  Read More

Popular Wells Vehicle Electronics Training Videos Now Available in Spanish

 March 9, 2011  Read More

Wells Technical Videos Set New Marks on YouTube

February 18, 2011   Read More

Wells Product Line Grows by Nearly 1,000 SKUs

February 9, 2011   Read More

Wells Captures AutoZone Mexico Award

February 7, 2011   Read More

CounterPoint Newsletter Covers Nissan Variable Timing Diagnostics

January 26, 2011   Read More

Wells YouTube Video Views Surpass 500,000

November 17, 2010   Read More

Wells Wins Best Web Site Award

November 2, 2010    Read More

Tony Wallerich Appointed National Sales Manager, Traditional Accounts at Wells

October 15, 2010   Read More

Wells Named Preferred Vendor by APA

Wells Reinforces Brand Identity with Full-Featured wellsVE.com Web Site

September 9, 2010    Read More

Wells Releases Free Training Video on Ignition Control Modules

Wells Manufacturing Introduces Wells Vehicle Electronics Brand

Free New Wells Diagnostic Video Covers Starter Solenoid Function and Replacement

Free Wells Diagnostic Videos Big Hit on YouTube and Company Web Site

January 12, 2010   Read More