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Wells Releases Comprehensive Free Training Video on Ignition Control Modules

Latest in ‘Sergeant Tech’ Training Series for Counter Professionals, Technicians Now Available Via YouTube and www.wellsVE.com

Fond du Lac, WI, June 30, 2010...Wells Manufacturing, L.P. has expanded its library of free online training videos with a comprehensive new program covering ignition control modules (ICM). All Wells training videos are available 24/7 and at no charge through the “Wellstech” channel on YouTube.com as well as the company’s vehicle electronics Web site, wellsVE.com.

The new “Ignition Control Module Training with Sergeant Tech” video is the fourth in a series of in-depth programs covering the operation, diagnosis and repair of key engine management systems. These videos, featuring the animated “Sergeant Tech” host, are ideal for any counter professional, outside salesperson or technician. Other “Sergeant Tech” videos address automotive EGR, EVAP and DIS systems.

“The ‘Sergeant Tech’ series has been very popular among distributor and jobber sales professionals, in particular, who need not only a basic introduction to each of these product areas, but also leading causes of component failure and key features that make one brand’s parts the better choice for their customers,” said Wells Technical Services Manager Mark Hicks.

The 10-minute video offers detailed information to help parts professionals and technicians properly diagnose ICM failures, with added emphasis on the negative influence of excessive AC voltage in the vehicle’s electrical system. Viewers are urged to check other components that can contribute to ICM failure – including worn spark plugs and ignition wires, damaged coils and bad grounds – and to always check and replace coils and the ICM at the same time.

Wells now offers more than 30 free technical videos covering automotive electronics and drivability topics. These programs, available in English and Spanish languages, have garnered the highest rating – 5 stars – from YouTube users.

For more information regarding Wells diagnostic resources and the company’s comprehensive range of premium quality replacement vehicle electronics, please visit www.wellsVE.com