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Nissan Driveability Case Study and More Covered in Free New Wells “CounterPoint” Newsletter

Wells Vehicle Electronics Team Tackles N-VCT Diagnostics, Crank Sensors; Quarterly Newsletter Available at www.wellsVE.com

Fond du Lac, WI, April 11, 2011...The technical services team at Wells Vehicle Electronics™ offers a detailed diagnostic case study covering Nissan variable valve timing (N-VCT) and an in-depth look at crankshaft position sensors in the latest issue of Wells’ popular CounterPoint newsletter. The free newsletter is available now for download at www.wellsVE.com.

Edited by Wells Technical Services Manager Mark Hicks, CounterPoint is an automotive electronics and driveability resource covering an array of fascinating diagnostic challenges. More than 40 issues of the newsletter are available via the “Wells Tech” link at www.wellsVE.com. Visitors to the site can sign up to automatically receive each new issue.

CounterPoint is designed to serve as a self-contained diagnostic workshop, offering timesaving tips for solving many of today’s most common driveability issues,” Hicks said. “Our subscriber base continues to grow at a record rate, which tells us we’re providing content that really makes a difference on the job for technicians and parts professionals.”

The new edition of CounterPoint includes a case study featuring a 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE that failed an Illinois OBD II inspection due to a P0355 trouble code. Also included in the cover story is detailed information on crank position sensors for Nissan applications. Other popular newsletter features are the “FineTuning” Q&A column and diagnostic challenges contributed by readers.

For additional information regarding Wells Vehicle Electronics solutions and technical resources and to download any edition of the free Counterpoint newsletter, please visit www.wellsVE.com.