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Nissan Variable Valve Timing Diagnostics

Fond du Lac, WI, January 25, 2011...Wells Vehicle Electronics™ has issued a new edition of its popular quarterly CounterPoint newsletter featuring an illustrated guide to diagnosing Nissan engines equipped with variable valve timing technology. The free electronic newsletter is available for download at the all-new www.wellsVE.com website. 

CounterPoint is a free automotive electronics, diagnostics and driveability resource developed by the Wells Tech Technical Services Team. More than 40 issues of the newsletter are available via the “Wells Tech” link at www.wellsVE.com. 

The new edition features the first of a two-part study of the design, operation and diagnosis of Nissan variable valve timing, or N-VCT. The article provides a detailed analysis of crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor waveforms on known-good and malfunctioning vehicles to help guide technicians in troubleshooting any of a variety of common driveability complaints. 

“Nissan variable valve timing is a very popular topic among the professionals who contact our tech line for diagnostic assistance,” said Mark Hicks, Wells technical services manager. “This series is designed to help technicians build their proficiency with an oscilloscope while troubleshooting a valvetrain technology now found in millions of passenger vehicles.” 

The newsletter also includes in-depth diagnostic recommendations covering a variety of vehicles in the “Fine Tuning” question-and-answer column, and a summary of the expanded technical library – including engine firing order diagrams – now available in the “Wells Tech” section of www.wellsVE.com. 

For additional information regarding Wells Vehicle Electronics solutions and technical resources and to download any edition of the free CounterPoint newsletter, please visit www.wellsVE.com.