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New Wells® Knock Sensors Incorporate Better-Than-OE Design For Superior Durability

Wells Sensors Eliminate Common Piezo Breakage Concerns, Feature More Robust Materials, Seals and Coating for Longer Life

Fond du Lac, WI, August 15, 2012...Wells Vehicle Electronics™ now offers a broad new line of replacement knock sensors featuring a variety of design enhancements that ensure better-than-OE performance and durability. The new sensors are available through any Wells Vehicle Electronics supplier.

Breakage of brittle piezos ranks as a leading cause of premature failure of many OE and equivalent replacement knock sensors. Wells engineers identified a significantly more robust sintered piezoceramic technology that virtually eliminates fractures. In addition, an extra-strength epoxy is used to lock the Wells piezos in place for unsurpassed durability.

Unlike many competing products, Wells knock sensors are manufactured from overmolded plastics that minimize age- and heat-related shrinkage, and feature premium silicone internal seals that are far more effective than OE seals in locking out moisture. Each sensor is coated with a trivalent iridescent chromate plating to prevent corrosion.

“Matching OE technologies simply isn’t good enough in many cases, particularly when the original parts and similar aftermarket designs are known to fail prematurely. The technician is expecting a part that will outperform the original, and that was the engineering target for our knock sensor line,” said Tim Froh, senior project engineer, Wells Vehicle Electronics.

For additional information regarding knock sensors and other premium Wells engine management components, please contact your Wells Vehicle Electronics supplier or visit the Wells Knock Sensors Feature Benefit page.

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