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Starting/Charging System: Maintaining the Power Cycle

The starting and charging system is virtually transparent to the vehicle owner; with the exception of the common one- or two-second activation of the starter, the system is both silent and invisible – until there’s a malfunction.

Diagnosing a “no-start” situation requires attention to multiple factors beyond the battery, alternator and starter. In fact, many customers wrongly assume that a faulty starter or alternator is at fault when the actual cause is a circuit integrity issue such as corroded wiring and terminals and/or a failed voltage regulator, solenoid, relay or other part.

The key to a successful starting/charging system repair is identifying the root cause before investing time and money in a replacement component. And when a new part is needed, always look to a trusted supplier that offers fully guaranteed, OE quality products.

Modern starting/charging systems encompass dozens of components – and you can rely on Wells for virtually any replacement part required to restore the integrity of the system’s electrical circuit. Each Wells component is manufactured to the highest quality standards for each covered application, ensuring world-class performance and reliability.

Starter Solenoid

Contact your Wells provider for these and dozens of other OE quality starting/charging system products:

  • Solenoids
  • Regulators
  • Diodes
  • Rectifiers
  • Starter Drives
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