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We Are Fabricators, Inventors, Engineers and Innovators

Delivering a world-class customer experience to our customers takes more than state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities. It takes people, and we like to think we have the best and the brightest in the business. The Wells team takes pride in not only putting our customers first but in providing our associates with a top-tier employee experience in an exciting, tech-forward industry.


Hear From Wells Employees

  • Wells is a good place to work. I enjoy the people. They are great to work with. We have a great history of servicing our customers and I’m proud to be a part of it.
    Larry W.
    Shipping Supervisor
  • Hands down, the best part I enjoy about working at Wells is the people I work with. Wells has always done a great job of hiring people of good character…I’m excited to be part of the Wells team.
    Ted R.
    Thick Film Supervisor/Engineer
  • Working at Wells has been one of the most rewarding jobs I have had my entire life…I love my job. I am proud to be a Wells employee.
    Jan C.
    Receptionist/Project Assistant
  • Wells has been a great company to work for directly out of school. I enjoy the fun atmosphere and day-to-day challenges involved in the manufacturing environment. I especially appreciate the happiness and positive attitudes from all of my friends and coworkers.
    Aaron K.
    Senior Manufacturing Analyst
Admin Employee

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Administration Team

Our talented team of administrative professionals take on Wells’s day-to-day human resources, office management and facilities management needs.

Human resources team members manage Wells personnel needs and focuses its energy on recruitment and retention, payroll and benefits administration and long-term employee satisfaction.

Regular duties for administrative team members include customer service and communications, meeting and event coordination, file keeping, office organization, supplies tracking/purchasing and other tasks that help keep our corporate office and other facilities operating at full speed.

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Executive Management Team Meeting

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Executive Leadership Team

Our executives are business leaders who excel at the day-to-day management of people, projects and process while keeping their minds on the big picture.

Each executive is responsible for overseeing his or her department’s daily operations, project management, employee development, budget and resource management and overall strategic direction. Outside of their department-specific duties, executives work collaboratively with other leaders to ensure department initiatives are aligned and company goals are set, met and exceeded.

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Finance Employee at desk

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Finance Team

This team manages both day-to-day bookkeeping duties and high-level strategic financial management needs for Wells.

Responsibilities include tracking sales and company spending, managing invoices, managing accounts payable/receivable, advising on project and department budgets, preparing financial documents like balance sheets and cash-flow reports, performing internal audits/analysis and conducting long-term budget forecasting.

This team also works hard to be certain we stay compliant with all finance, tax and accounting laws.

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Man driving forklift in Wells VE facility

A day in the life

Operations Team

The operations team spends its time assembling products and components, performing quality checks, preparing items for distribution, managing inventory and operating the machinery needed to run our manufacturing plant smoothly and efficiently.

Some tasks are performed using computerized or automated equipment, and others require manual work such as hand soldering, applying components, de-paneling circuit boards, date coding, data entry, equipment maintenance and more.

The operations team employs product assemblers, warehouse managers and supervisors, forklift operators, distribution specialists, supply chain planners, compliance specialists and mechanical technicians.

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Distribution Employee at computer

A day in the life

Distribution Team

The distribution team in Centerville is responsible for coordinating large shipments of Wells products to our customers worldwide. This work is critical in ensuring the successful order, fulfillment, shipping and delivery of our products so our customers can get the parts they need on time, every time.

Daily tasks include receiving and managing product shipments from our production facilities, inspecting products and packaging for damage, stocking the warehouse, managing inventory, packaging up orders for customers and handling customer-service needs.

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Pocurement team meeting

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Procurement Team

Wells’s procurement team is responsible for sourcing and purchasing the materials, components and supplies used to manufacture our products.

Team members work with Wells engineers and external suppliers to ensure our materials-procurement strategy is cost effective and materials are of the highest-possible quality. The team also handles supplier relations and manages quotes, bids, negotiations and contracts when Wells is seeking new vendors or business partners.

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Sales & Marketing Employee on phone

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Sales & Marketing Team

Our sales and marketing teams are responsible for overall business development and ensuring the world knows about Wells Vehicle Electronics and our premium products and technologies.

Salespeople work directly with manufacturers, retail stores and end-consumers to find the best solutions for their needs and provide personalized product support along the way. The marketing team works behind the scenes to ensure our customers have an exceptional brand experience, manages the company’s media presence and maintains Wells’s reputation as the leader in the auto-parts aftermarket, now and in the future.

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Wells Engineered Products Team

The Wells Engineered Products engineers are the minds behind Wells’s cutting-edge products and technologies. Innovation is at the core of everything they do and is what keeps Wells—and its manufacturing clients—at the forefront of the industry.

Day to day, the Wells Engineered Products team designs, tests, iterates and perfects our electronic components and auto parts. They collaborate with colleagues in the production, sales, marketing and other departments to help them fully understand the technology and science behind Wells products. Engineers also manage projects, conduct research, work with vendors and provide technical support to customers.

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Executive Leadership
Sales & Marketing
Wells Engineered Products

Leading the charge

Meet The Management Team

Learn about the innovative people who lead our day-to-day operations and ensure our company’s long-term growth and success.

Patrick Sommerfeld

President & Chief Operating Officer

Yoshi Iida

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew R. Wirth

Vice President, Human Resources & General Affairs

Carie Sommerfeld

Vice President, Finance & Pricing

David Stewart

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Ben Sobczak

Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Dallas Kissinger

Director, Wells Engineered Products

Brian Lopez

Director, Engineering & Product

Julie Basel

Director, Distribution & Logistics

Sean Shimmura

Assistant to the CFO

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