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Ignition Components

Where Power Begins

A modern automotive engine is similar to an orchestra, with dozens of key players contributing precisely the right “notes” at precisely the right times in a flawless performance. The ignition system is the equivalent of the percussion section, whose rhythm fires the engine at the perfect time to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, reliability and harmony.

SYSTEM Summary

What Does The Ignition System Do?

When the engine starts, battery voltage is routed to the ignition system. Low voltage is transformed into high voltage in the ignition coil, and, along with other inputs from the engine management system, creates a precisely timed spark at the spark plugs, which ignites the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder allowing the engine to run.

From ignition coils and ignition control modules to switches and sensors, Wells offers an extensive lineup of high-quality replacement parts for both domestic and foreign vehicle ignition systems. We manufacture products that are identical to the OE part in fit, form and function as well as Wells-optimized products that improve on the original designs.

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GoTech’s team of highly experienced technicians is ready and able to provide expert advice and resources for all your vehicle electronics needs.

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Wells has been a leader in the auto industry for more than a century. Find out how we got here and what drives us today.

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