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Ignition Coils

Take A Deeper Dive

Anatomy of an Ignition Coil

Take a closer look at the construction of an ignition coil and learn why Wells parts are the best available in the aftermarket.


Ignition Coils

An Ignition Coil’s function is to create the high voltage required to generate a spark in the spark plug gap to ignite the air/fuel mixture within the cylinder.

Wells Ignition Coils feature high dielectric strength plastics, electrical grade steel laminations, 100% pure copper windings and coil housings filled with high dielectric strength epoxies. All Wells products match or improve upon the original equipment parts in fit, form and function.

Ignition Coils are located under hood—usually on the fire wall, intake manifold, fender well, distributor or on or near the spark plugs.

If your vehicle is experiencing the following, it may be time to replace your Ignition Coil:

  • No start
  • Engine misfire
  • Unusually long time to start the engine
  • Increased emissions or failed emission test
  • Check engine light is illuminated or flashing

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Learn About Ignition Coils from GoTech Technical Service Pros

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