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Entertainment & Telematics System

Connecting Car to Driver

These days, drivers expect more from their vehicles than simply getting them from point A to point B. Drivers expect fully integrated, easy-to-connect communication, navigation and entertainment systems that enhance their daily commutes and elevate the driving experience. But more than anything, drivers expect telematics system components that help keep them safe, whether driving to work or taking the family on a cross-country road trip.

SYSTEM Summary

What Is an Entertainment & Telematics System?

Modern vehicles can be fully integrated in our everyday lives, and entertainment and telematics systems make that possible.

Examples of these systems include Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, lane departure system cameras and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that support drivers in driving, parking and infotainment functions.

Often these components work with and complement each other, such as a dashboard screen displaying images from a vehicle’s blind-spot camera or projecting maps/directions from a Bluetooth-connected phone.

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