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Braking System

Safely Stopping Vehicles at Any Speed

The importance of having a powerful and reliable braking system cannot be understated. The sole responsibility of the braking system is to stop a vehicle safely and effectively at any speed—whether coasting into a parking spot or driving down an open highway. Plus, modern vehicles are much larger, faster and heavier than ever and therefore require far more stopping power than ever before.

SYSTEM Summary

How Do Braking Systems Work?

The braking system is activated when a driver depresses the brake pedal in the vehicle’s cabin. This action sends pressurized brake fluid to each disc or drum, causing either a caliper piston or wheel cylinder to activate the brake shoe or brake pad. The shoe or pad creates friction with its disc (or the inner surface of the drum), which slows the vehicle. An anti-lock braking system (ABS) pulsates the brakes to help drivers maintain steering and control in heavy braking situations.

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