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Anatomy of a Relay

Take a closer look at the construction of a relay and learn why Wells' parts are the best available in the aftermarket.

Exploded Relay Part



Many modern vehicles control multiple heavy-load systems using controllers that communicate with a major processor in a motor vehicle system. Although these units may not look like a common relay, they function the same as an operating system with many smaller electrical mechanical relays with less cost and weight.

Mechanical relays use an electromagnetic circuit to mechanically open or close a relay contact, which is responsible for providing power to a heavy-load device, such as power seats, windows, lighting, convenience system, climate control and more.

Although a normal vehicle may not require a relay capable of continuously providing voltage to a high-amperage circuit, many custom applications require such a device. Snowplows, lift buckets, dump beds and many other applications require a device such as this to operate safely and reliably.

Like the mechanical relay, the solid-state relay can provide the same reliable circuit operation without the electromechanical circuit and the mechanical contacts found in older relays. The solid-state relay provides a lightweight design with circuitry capable of communicating with a main processor in a modern vehicle application.

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