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Relays are needed to carry the higher amperage required by many circuits, and, on today’s vehicles, to operate the many computer-controlled systems needed for occupant comfort, safety and convenience. Relays have been an important device for many years, but modern motor vehicles cannot start or operate without them.

Relays can be found in every corner of today’s vehicles and are typically mounted within a power distribution center—under the hood, within the vehicle’s cabin, within the trunk storage space or, in some instances, under the vehicle.

If your vehicle is experiencing the following, it may be time to replace a Relay:

  • Lighting system malfunction
  • Remote access and features failure
  • Interior comfort features failure
  • Fuel supply failure – possible engine no-start condition
  • Possible security or safety feature malfunction
  • Possible trouble code set in powertrain system
  • Possible trouble code set in body control system

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