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Transmission System

Converting Power & Speed Into Motion

A vehicle’s transmission takes power from the engine and transfers it to the wheels to ensure commanded speed and desired momentum are accomplished. The automatic transmission transmits the power the engine creates using hydraulic pressure, allowing for a smooth transition from a stopped position to operating speed.

SYSTEM Summary

What Is a Transmission?

A vehicle’s transmission converts engine power into wheel speed. It is a very complex component that relies on input from several other vehicle functions to operate correctly.

There are three main types of transmissions: automatic, manual and continuously variable. All of these transmission types have the same purpose—to move power from the engine to the wheels—and allow the driver to control when and how much power is delivered to the wheels. The differences lay in driving or road conditions as well as personal preference and style.

Wells Vehicle Electronics offers transmission sensors and other parts that most modern vehicle transmissions rely on. We manufacture and rigorously test our products to meet or exceed OE fit, form and function so you can feel confident your replacement sensor will perform to the highest standard.

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