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Hello, Suppliers!

Wells Vehicle Electronics is in the process of relaunching the Supplier Portal on a new-and-improved platform. The portal is temporarily unavailable until May 2022.

Wells Vehicle Electronics offers a Supplier Portal for its approved suppliers. (Log in here)


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Be Considered as an Approved Supplier

However, if you are not currently an approved Wells supplier, but wish to be considered, you may submit a request using the contact form link below. Before contacting Wells or submitting a request, your company should review the guidelines below:

  1. Wells seeks suppliers with effective and robust quality systems.  Suppliers providing components or services that are used in Wells OEM products will typically require certification to an international quality system, such as ISO 19001 or IATF-16949. Suppliers not providing for OEM are not required to have certification but are encouraged to maintain ISO-compliant systems and work towards certification.
  2. When selecting suppliers, those that maintain certification to quality standards such ISO 19001 or IATF-16949, will typically have an advantage over those who are not. In cases where the supplied components or services are used in Wells OEM products, certification is typically required.
  3. Your company can provide similar products or services that Wells is currently using in its products (refer to our About us page for information about Wells products). 
  4. Your company is in good financial standing (has a favorable financial rating).
  5. Your company is not in competition with Wells.

If your company complies with the above criteria and wishes to inquire further about becoming a Wells supplier, you can submit the following registration form found here.

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