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Ignition Components: Where Power Begins

A modern automotive engine is similar to a world-class symphony orchestra, with dozens of key players contributing precisely the right “notes” at the right times for a flawless performance.

The ignition system is the equivalent of the symphony “conductor,” providing an extremely high-voltage charge to the spark plug at the ideal moment in the combustion process within each cylinder to ensure optimal power, fuel efficiency and overall reliability. And it must perform this vital role several times per second for each cylinder over the operating life of the engine.

Wells offers the industry’s most extensive line of high quality replacement ignition components for domestic and foreign-nameplate vehicles. This comprehensive product range includes parts that precisely match OE fit, form and function as well as Wells-optimized components that eliminate known original equipment design flaws.

Ignition Control Module

Among the industry leading ignition repair solutions available through Wells dealers are:

  • Ignition Coils
    • Traditional “can coils”, DIS, Rail, Coil packs, Coil on plug, Pencil coils
  • Ignition Control Modules
  • Distributor Caps & Rotors
  • Pick-up Coils

Contact us for additional information on these and dozens of other premium-quality ignition solutions.

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