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Switches: Convenience at Your Fingertips

The cockpit of a modern automobile is a study in ergonomics, safety and convenience. Drivers can control literally dozens of variables – from temperature to seating angle to power mirror settings – with fingertip precision and without taking their eyes off the road.

With increased convenience comes an ever-growing array of switch designs, from single-function on-off units to sophisticated combination switches that control turn signals, cruise control, lights, wipers and more.

Finding the exact, OE-matched replacement switch for any of the thousands of vehicle applications can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition. That’s why each day more customers turn to Wells, which offers the aftermarket’s premier line of OE-quality switches for virtually any popular vehicle model.

Wells engineers and manufactures thousands of unique switch and relay designs for tens of millions of passenger vehicles. Regardless of function or application, your best chance to find the switch you need is by contacting a dealer who carries Wells products.

Why is quality so important? While two switches from two different manufacturers might appear to be identical, there are several key quality characteristics you can’t see. 

Each Wells switch is manufactured from the OEM-preferred blend of nylon and glass-filled plastic for exceptional strength and includes premium copper/nickel/silver-plated electrical terminals to ensure robust electrical connectivity. 

The Wells product line encompasses hundreds of switch and relay types. Among the most popular of these products are:

Ignition Switch

  • Oil Pressure Switches
  • Multi-Function & Combination
  • Blower Motor Resistors
  • Headlight
  • Ignition Starting
  • Brake light
  • Neutral safety
  • Cruise Control
  • Power Door Lock
  • Turn Signal

Contact us for more information about these and hundreds of other switch designs.

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